Baking Challenge – European Style: Week 8 – Ireland

Summer is finally here! This will be the first complete week with high temperatures here in Germany!!! Yeah! Of course, this has nothing to do with baking whatsoever, but I’m just so excited! 🙂

But back to baking… I’ve decided to go with Ireland this week. A friend of mine has just been there and those pictures of green meadows, rough hills and the stormy ocean are just inspiring. Everything seems to be so lush and natural.

Whenever I think about Irish food, nothing sweet comes to mind. Maybe that’s because it’s so well known for its Guiness and more hearty dishes? However when I rummaged around the Internet, plenty of sweet recipes popped up. Since it’s going to be hot this week (have I already mentioned this?!? ;-)) I don’t want to spend more time than absolutely necessary in the kitchen. Therefore I picked a rather simple recipe: the Irish spotted dog. This is a fruity soda bread. I like those cake-like breads, because they make  an easy snack and usually can be kept for a while.

So, I’m baking away…


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