The Baking Challenge European Style is back – with Danish Drommekage

The weather around here in Germany took a nose dive and I’m finally ready to get back to my baking routine. Which doesn’t mean I didn’t bake up a storm during summertime! Here is some picture proof:

Featured image

Strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topping and green coconut shreds.

Featured image

A caramel banana upside down cake – verrrrry sweet.

Featured image

Cinnamon bun cake – not my cup of tea…

But I have to admit, I only baked, if necessary – i.e. my niece’s summer party, BBQs, etc. And if I have to bake out of necessity then it’s usually not that much fun. So, now I’m back with the baking challenge and we have 6 more countries to go! Not bad.

Denmark is going to start off the last leg of this baked tour d’ Europe. Simply because I happened to read about this traditional dream cake (literal translation of Drommekage) and liked the sound of it. I hope to be able to present the results and recipe on Thursday. Thus far, happy baking everyone!


Baking Challenge – European Style: On Hold

Good morning and happy summer everyone!

Maybe you’ve noticed my absence the past two weeks. There is a very simple reason for that: summer and a lot of other stuff to bake! The weather is fantastic, lakes are beckoning and lots of parties and BBQs ask for baked goodies – unfortunately, other than Austrian Buchteln or Spanish Bienmesabe. So among summer, work and other things to bake, there was simply no time to keep up with the demands of baking European style.

Still, I did bake. A few of the things I made are:

  • a Magic Custard Cake – didn’t care for the texture, but the kids loved it!
  • Banana Nut Muffins – my husbands favourite! I make them with walnuts and dip them in white chocolate. Yummy!
  • easy whole wheat bread (recipe to follow…)
  • simple summer cake with fruit (recipe might follow ;-))

… and next week I have to figure out a princess worthy cake and/or cupcakes for my little niece’s kids party. Any suggestions?

Soon summer will be over. We will spend a week away at the end of August/beginning of September and then fall will be here… and the baking challenge will resume. I’ve already picked a recipe: Hungarian Kolatschen! I’m curious how they will turn out. Until then I’m going to update my little space here with other things I’ve baked and cooked…

Some Nostalgia

Aaah! The good old times… I’m not so old myself, however lately I feel like I’m getting to this stage in life where you look at certain things and say: “Remember, when this and that used to be …”. It makes you feel old. And it makes you think – at least in my case.

Just a couple of days ago when walking to work I noticed an old phone booth. I probably passed this thing about a hundred times already, but this was the first time I’d really noticed it. It’s an old yellow phone booth (they are yellow in Germany – at least they used to be). It sat there all run down, wrecked, robbed of its phone – a sad, broken and empty shell of what it once used to be, all forgotten. And somehow  this made me sad.

Abandoned phone booth

Abandoned phone booth

It made me think back. I’ve already been around when this phone booth was THE form of communication when you were out and about. This was a time before mobile phones. And I can still remember that. And I can still remember hunting for change to use the phone and not having any when I desperately needed to make a call. I’d probably be thrilled to know that in the future not too far away I could always make a call from wherever I happened to be without searching for a booth or change.

Progress has its pros and cons. I cherish my mobile phone and the ability to call whomever, whenever, wherever. It’s great that things change and get better or improve our lives. But I also dislike the constant availability. The expectation to respond immediately and the urge to be “on top” of everything, everywhere, all the time. And I hate that it makes me feel old. Because I can remember times when things were different.

Hello There…

This is weird… I’m an avid blog reader. Reading and following a couple of blogs I really love. However I’ve never thought of creating my own, little space here on the internet.

Why now? Yeah, well, because… I’ve recently lost my job due to the company closing down here in Germany. I’ve seen it coming. What I didn’t see coming, is the struggle to find something new. Good jobs are scarce and good part-time jobs even scarcer.

So, while continuing my search, I’m trying to branch out, trying new things, keeping myself occupied. What I’m going to use this space for? I don’t know… I’ll see… we’ll see… More to come!