Baking Challenge – European Style: Week 6 – Italy

Bella Italia – beautiful scenery, awesome cities and delicious food. I’ve been to Italy a couple of times and I’m always blown away by the great food that you can get at every corner.

However, aside from spaghetti, lasagna and pizza, I usually don’t make anything Italian. Which probably is a big mistake, because there is so much more to traditional Italian cuisine. Since this is a baking challenge, I’m, of course, limited to baked goods. And I have to admit it’s been a close race between sweet and savoury. And the winner is: savoury.

Focaccia al formaggio is simple traditional flat bread. There are a lot of variations. Since I like it to be a complete meal, I’ve decided for the cheese variety which is said to originate from the city of Recco.

There are a lot of great Italian food blogs out there – also with focaccia recipes:
The Italian Dish
Parla Food


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