Baking Challenge – European Style: Week 4 – Netherlands

It’s a new week in the European Baking Challenge which means I have to make a new decision on a delicious treat from one of the remaining countries… 🙂

Since yesterday was a holiday here in Germany (Pentecoast) and I guess in many other parts of the world too, I’ve put off decision-making to today.

Staying close to my home country, I’ve decided to go for the Netherlands. I have to admit that I’ve been there already about 15 years ago for about 3-4 days, but I cannot remember what I’ve eaten and I don’t think it was anything traditional either.

First off, I wanted to go with something savoury again, because bitterballen are a very common Dutch snack. But it has to be fried and I do not own a fryer and I’m somehow weary of heating up a large quantity of oil in a pot. Therefore I’ve set my eyes on another traditional Dutch goody – albeit a sweet one – poffertjes. Yes! 🙂 I’ve never eaten the Dutch original but I guess most countries do have their own version of them since it’s simply pancakes – or in the Dutch case it’s puffed up pancakes. However the recipe is different to how we make German pancakes so I’ll give it a try!

BTW – I’ve found a great Dutch food blog called The Dutch Table with a load of great Dutch recipes. Go on over there and check it out.


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