Baking Challenge – European Style: France -Eclairs

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They had wonderful eclairs!

The results are in and… they are delicious! 🙂

I was a bit nervous about making eclairs, but they turned out alright, if not exactly beautiful. Obviously I’m not a master patissière. 🙂 But they stood up to the taste test. My husband declared them to be delicous. Which is good because he had to eat the majority of them.

Anyways, here’s the recipe and the picture proof, if anyone is interested in baking eclairs:

puff pastry
125 gr. flour
70 gr. butter
250 ml water
4 eggs
pinch of salt

1 package custard powder
400 ml milk
40 gr. sugar
200 ml heavy cream
cream stiffener
2 tbsp confectioner’s sugar

milk chocolate – melted

For the puff pastry bring water, butter and salt to boiling point, stir in flour until you have something like a lump of dough. Take off heat and let cool for a bit then stir in eggs one by one.

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That’s what my dough looked like.

Preheat oven to 200° Celsius (app 390° fahrenheit). Spread pieces of dough on a baking sheet about 2 inches long. You can do this using spoons or – like me – a pastry tube.

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Bake for 20-25 minutes (until golden brown). Let them cool in the oven. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR or they will collapse.

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Fresh out of the oven – and sadly collapsed…

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For the filling I went the easy route using custard powder. I took a little less milk than what is required on the package instructions to get a thicker consistency. If you use custard powder then prepare it according the instructions on the package using a little less liquid. Let it cool. Then whip up heavy cream using cream stiffener. Mix together custard and whipped cream and add two tbsp confectioner’s sugar. If you prefer to do the real thing, head on over to Eugenie’s Kitchen. Her recipe sounds great!

Half the puff pastry so that you have a bottom and top part (you could also use a pastry tube to insert the cream).

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Puff pastry dipped in chocolate and filled with cream.

Dip the top part in melted milk chocolate and add a good layer of cream to the bottom part. Put top part back on the bottom part. Let chocolate dry.

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The End!

Some advice

  • I experienced some trouble with producing the puff pastry. First off, they don’t look like what you can buy in bakeries or patisseries in France or even here in Germany. I underestimated how much they puff up. You really only need a thin strip of dough in order to get a regular sized eclair.
  • Secondly, I took the puff pastry out of the oven too early and most of them collapsed. They still taste good but they don’t look so good anymore… So, be patient and DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN!
  • Eclairs taste best freshly made. A day or two later the dough gets weirdly soft and they are just not that good anymore. Therefore I’d strongly advice to eat them the same day and not to make too many.

Overall, I had a good experience making and eating them. 🙂

One country down – 15 more to go. Stay tuned to see which country is next!


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