Watched: “Man of Steel”

Whoever’s not in the loop: this is a movie about Superman. Not sure though if it was supported by Marvel Comics or if it was somekind of independant project. But I guess it has to be at least Marvel approved when they are using the Superman logo… anyways…

I’m no fan of superhero-action-andallthatkindofstuff-movies. The reason for me watching this movie was me and my husband having a low-key, cuddly evening on the couch without much fuss. So we’d pop in the DVD and – unfortunately for me – the movie was almost 2,5 hours long. Ugh!!! Although I have to say I didn’t realized this until we were halfway through and I was longing for the big finale. 🙂 Still. For a movie that long about a superhero I don’t particularly care for, it was good. It has a good story, good actors (I especially love Amy Adams but also Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Superman’s earth parents) and is easy to follow – even for someone not involved in the whole Superman story.

All in all, I have to admit that the movie wasn’t half-bad, just a teensy bit too long at one point or another. Especially the end was dragged out far beyond what would have been necessary. It felt like the simple good conquering evil just wasn’t enough and they had to do it all over again. Even my husband thought this was a bit too much. But as I’ve already said, it’s good movie if you don’t expect too much and we had a great evening watching it. So two thumps up – or well maybe just one and a half


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