Been to Rome… and been a bit disappointed

This is probably not a good to start to a post about Rome – this huge, unbelievable, antique, historic, romantic, la dolce vita Megacity. But I have to admit that all the superlatives that are attached to this city lead me to expect, well, more…

In a lot of ways Rome is just overwhelming and exactly what you would expect or even more than that. The historical, cultural aspect is amazing, fascinating and simply overwhelming. Around every corner, behind every wall, every door there is something old or antique to see and explore – up to a point where it’s actually too much to even register and process… at least for me. I’ve never been to a city so densely packed with historical sites. Even little stones or walls which are just standing there in the middle of the street or on a little corner have some historical background. In other places these little witnesses of time would be prominently displayed and marked with a least a plaque but here in Rome they just go unnoticed because there is so much more and more important stuff to explore. AMAZING!!! Overwhelming!!!


The Pantheons’ cupola. Spectacular architecture!

In this regard Rome most certainly didn’t disappoint. However in my mind Rome isn’t just this historical wonderland but also the city of la dolce vita, amore and sensual living. And in this regard I was totally disappointed. All potentially romantic places are overrun tourists and sellers of all kinds. Of course, I should not complain, because I am one of those tourists myself, who is crowding all those beautiful places. I get that I am part of the problem. Still… It’s the picture in your head, the stories you’ve heard, the movies you’ve watched that lead you to believe that Rome has the certain lifestyle – romantic, sensual, full of life and pleasure. And for me as a tourist, who stayed for only 5 days, it was just not that. It wasn’t even close. My husband and I had problems to even find a remotely quiet and nice place to sit down and just enjoy a few minutes of couple time. But well…

Actually a quiet little hillside park with an breathtaking view of the Colloseum.

Actually a quiet little hillside park with a breathtaking view of the Colosseum.

The food however has me on the edge: you can get totally delicious food, ie. pizza, panini,…, for cheap in little shops and hole-in-the-wall restaurants but it’s also nearly impossible to find a real sit-down restaurant that offers good food for an acceptable price. I’m sure they are there, but they are just hard to find when you’re a tourist with no knowledge of Italian and no insider knowledge. Also totally amazing are the bakerys there. They carry those little pastries filled with all kinds of cream for like 50-80 cents a piece. So delicious! So, I enjoyed the take away food, bakery goodies and snooping around the supermarkets to find Italian delicacies and wines. As far as food is concerned it can’t get much better for me… 🙂

Also the place we stayed at was just too cute for words. The B&B Vacanze Romane is a little 4 bedroom B&B situated in an old building in the heart of the city. The subway station was right outside our door. We walked about 10 Minutes to the Colosseum and had plenty of shops, restaurants and supermarkets to choose from. Also the owner is a sweet Italian man who runs the B&B with his family and lives next door. All in all a beautiful and affordable place to stay.

Overall our trip to Rome was breathtaking. I’m still in awe of all those beautiful historical places, silent witnesses of times past. If those stones could talk… I’m also a little disappointed because the sensual, romantic, passionate side of Rome totally passed me by. Still it’s an amazing, majestic and inspiring place to visit and certainly worth a travel.

Beautiful city view from Castel Sant'Angelo.

Beautiful city view from Castel Sant’Angelo.


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